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Books and Downloadable Resources


I have put together several useful e-books and factsheets - and more are on their way as fast as I can write them!

For more information, or to purchase a copy, please go to the Purehealth eshop where you can purchase and download whatever you need: 


How To...Eat Well £10

This e-book is 87 pages of mostly wheat and dairy free healthy recipes, tips and info to help you cut through the myths of healthier eating. Easy, quick and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, puds and drinks, plus how to create a healthy larder, the Dirty Dozen veg and fruit to avoid, how to boost your metabolism and much, much more. Click here to read the contents page, introduction and purchase. 


Lose Your Belly Fat Plan £5

This e-book gives you 19 pages of how to eat a healthy low GL diet without the common gluten and dairy allergens which often cause water retention, bloating and intolerance weight gain. Includes best and worst foods, quick start plan, loads of meal ideas, a larder list and much more. Easy once you know how. Click here to read contents and Intro.


Purehealth Detox Diet £2.50

A short guide to a good detox diet. Includes lots of meal ideas and guidelines. Click here for more info.


Wellbeing Diet Factsheet £2.50

A simple-to-follow list of recommendations and meal ideas based on what I feel is a truly healthy diet. Click here for more info.


Help Iíve Got...PCOS: A Guide to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome £20

The first of my new e-book series. This time 230 easy-to-read pages on a subject close to my heart - PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. A practical step-by step plan to help you manage and hopefully reverse this difficult hormone condition.

Click here to read the contents list.


Best & Worst Low GL Foods Factsheet £2.50

A quick guide to the best and worst glycaemic load foods to control blood sugar and belly fat. Easy to follow, keep it in your handbag for when you're shopping! Click here to read a sample.


Glaucoma Purehealth Factsheet £5.00

This condition will affect 2 in every hundred of us once we're over forty and causes blindness if not caught early, yet most of us haven't a clue about it! What is it? Are you at risk? How can you prevent and treat it?

Easy to read 10 page factsheet with all the info you need. Click here to read a sample.


Purehealth Super Soups Factsheet £5.00
Inspiration to get you into the soup-making habit! How to make stocks, customise ready-made soups, posh it up,

boost nutrient levels and much more, let alone over twenty favourite healthy soup recipes such as Fridge Soup and

I Haven't Got Time To Cook Soup. Click here for sample pages.


Ten Minute Mind & Body Exercise £5.00
No time to exercise? Not any more! With 30 pages of inspiration at your disposal, just 10 minutes extra exercise a day adds up to more than 60 extra hours a year. Choose from Muscle-Toning, Cardio, Yoga or Meditation.

Mix and match your way to better physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Click here for sample pages.


Other books I recommend a great deal for patients include all of the Carol Vorderman Detox diet books, Patrick Holfordís Low GL Diet Cookbook and Made Easy books and the Terence Stamp Collection Wheat & Dairy Free Cookbooks.

You can get those here.


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