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I am always asked to recommend what patients can use to cook their veg, filter their water, keep fit etc, so here are some of my recommendations. You can get most of them via the Amazon link or via Wholistic Health direct - see in links.

Champion Juicer

This is the ONLY juicer I recommend. It is built for life, is easy to clean and comes in lovely colours to match your kitchen! A masticating juicer, it extracts loads more juice from your fruit and veg and retains up to 5 times the amount of nutrients compared to a centrifugal juicer. It is often on offer, but is generally around £240. Available from Wholistic Research.

Shower Filter

Shower in lovely chlorine-free water. Many people have itchy, flaky, dry skin and it is often the result of the chlorine and chemicals in the water they bathe or shower in. Try this; a great improvement! (Or look at whole house filter systems which filters your water as it comes into the house). Available from Wholistic Research.

Glass Jug Water Filter

I'm always saying filter your water, but I hate the plastic jugs as plastic is known to affect hormones and leach into the water. So, here's an answer. Stylish, glass, efficient filtration. Available from Amazon (see link on the right of this page..)

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This is plumbed in easily under your kitchen sink. Simply the most efficient way to filter all nasties out of your water and saves a fortune on filter cartridges and bottled water. Available from Prosep Filters - look at domestic filters, specifically the F-RO-4 filter which is what I have.

Whole House Filters

Again available from Prosep, I prefer not to bathe, shower or wash my clothes in chlorinated water, thanks. Hereís your answer. Surprisingly cheap and your skin will be much less dry.

Kitchen Equipment

Blenders and mixers from Dualit or KitchenAid. Expensive but built to last. Click the pictures to the right to get them from Amazon.


None of your plastic, please. Use stainless steel or bamboo ones that go on top of your pans to steam veg and fish keeping far more of your nutrients than boiling and, heaven forbid, microwaving! Amazon sell some good ones - see the bamboo steamers on the right of this page....

Lightboxes, Daylight Bulbs, Dawn Simulators

Here are all your light needs. Choose from light boxes for SAD, Dawn Simulator Clocks to help you get up on those dark mornings, and Daylight Bulbs for everyday use. Please donít use flourescent lights, get the alternative tubes instead. No more headaches and fatigue...Prices start from £2.95 for bulbs. For light boxes, you can claim the VAT back. Available from Wholistic Research.

Fitness DVDs

If you need advice on exercise and an easy plan, get my ebook 10 Minute Exercises. The best ever, in my opinion, is Elle Macphersonís The Body Workout. Been going for years and still tops the charts. Anything dancy I love. Or simply walk and do some weights. Try 8 Minutes in the Morning by Jorge Cruse - bit Californian and I donít agree with the diet plan, but the exercises really do work and really do take 8 minutes! Otherwise, yoga, meditation and pilates DVDs are good, but I prefer classes for these so you can check youíre doing it right. Use the fat burning programmes on your gym machines too, much slower but so effective. See the links on the right side of this page...


The only one Iíve ever liked as a remedial massage therapist myself is the Zen Lifestyles Massager. Certainly not namby-pamby, this really helps to relieve tight muscles, lower tension and break down fatty tissue like cellulite. Available through Zen Lifestyles

Pet Food

Got to be Natureís Menu. It has 75% meat content with a few bits of cereal and thatís it. Other, even posh and expensive, pet food only has around 5-10% meat content. No contest.











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