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These are my ‘suppliers of choice’ if you like; the best places to get good quality excellent value food, supplements, remedies and lifestyle items. I have checked them out and recommend them regularly to patients.

Declaration: I do get small commission payments from some of these suppliers and these help to offset the costs of providing much of the free information you can enjoy on this site. Please rest assured I will only ever recommend suppliers and products I trust to be ethical and who offer stuff you can rely on. If you have found anything useful on this website, please use these suppliers, helping yourself, me and them! Thank you; we appreciate it.


Supplements, Non-toxic Toiletries, Prescription Items:

Natural Dispensary: 01453 757792,

A small independent company set up especially to help nutritionists service clients. Stocks most items and can get pretty much anything you desire. If it’s a new item for them, they will order in several the first time so it is easily available for you if you need it again. A super, friendly, flexible service. Simply register and order online or call them, giving my name as your practitioner Because they offer such a huge range of items requested by tons of nutritionists, they often haven’t had chance to put everything online. It’s best to call them for that reason, but if ordering online, simply add a note that you want something else and ask them to contact you, which they will do happily. 1st Class post £1.50 or FREE over £25.


Nutricentre: 0845 602 6744, please quote ZZPUR001 if you wish to trigger a commission for me.

A very large store/mail order service in London. It offers a huge range of items including supplements, remedies, a larger range of toiletries than Natural Dispensary, books etc. 1st Class post £2.00 or FREE over £25. You can get Tesco Clubcard points as they are owned by Tesco now (which is really why I recommend Natural Dispensary as an independent company first.)


Individual Suppliers

If you’re looking for something from a specific supplier eg, Green People, Annemarie Borlind, Higher Nature etc, click here for all our suppliers’ contact details and buying guide.


Organic Boxes & Special Diet Food

Goodness Foods

Click here for a great site packed with organic fruit and veg boxes, toiletries and thousands of special diet and healthy foods.


Lifestyle Items:

Wholistic Health Direct, 08454 303100,, please quote our postcode 'CV34 5JG' as your reference.

This company has a great range of air purifiers, water filters, soya milk makers, rebounders etc either online or via a catalogue. Some fascinating stuff!


Click on the link to the right to get your books, videos, DVDs or kitchen items or click on the product images in the Books and Lifestyle sections.

Prosep Water Filters, 01422 377367,, please give Purehealth Clinic as your reference

Excellent company for great value water filters, much cheaper than the rest and an ethical company – they helped me out with cancer patients when I worked for the Nutritional Cancer Therapy Trust. You can buy Reverse Osmosis water filters and whole house dechlorinators here.

Zen Physio

Click here for the Zen Physio massager, or Thumper as we call it, and other products. Again, please give our name, Purehealth Clinic. Thank you.


For Info: - for info on allergy and food intolerance, recipes etc - for information on nutritional therapy


For Blood Tests:

If you are having a blood test done and need to have some blood taken, you can either ask at your local GP surgery if the blood nurse can do it for you – say you are having a private test done. Or, you can go to a phlebotomy (blood draw) service at your local NHS or private hospital.

To find your nearest Nuffield hospital, click here

To find your nearest Bupa hospital (now called Spire), click here



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