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Many people take supplements such as multivitamins and minerals, garlic capsules, glucosamine etc every day. But how do you know youíre buying stuff that will work? Scroll down to find a list of the companies I recommend or click onto Buying Guide for contact details and codes.

Unfortunately many companies have jumped on the supplement manufacture bandwagon, and really donít produce the best they could. This is usually down to money - we ask for cheap supplements, we get given them....

Look at yours. Does it contain mineral forms such as zinc or magnesium oxide, iron sulphate or calcium carbonate? These are inorganic salt forms of minerals and are not very absorbable. If it contains these, it is very likely not a very helpful product and wonít do what you want. Worse, does it not say what the mineral forms are - ie. it just says 2.5mg Zinc? Avoid it. A lot of people are fooled into a false sense of security thinking that by taking supplements like these they are looking after their nutrient needs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Obviously, the first step should be to look after your diet. Supplements are there to, well, supplement your diet not as an alternative. That said, most people could benefit as so many of us arenít digesting well, arenít eating great and have busy stressful lives.

So, what else should you look for in a supplement? Is it hypoallergenic or does it contain wheat, lactose etc? Does it contain enough of the nutrients to do any good? This is a minefield, but basically most cheaper multis are way too low dose to pack any real power. There is an interesting article on this on Nutrigoldís education website here is a link so you can read more:

The companies I think offer some of the best choices include:

Biocare, Nutrigold, Thorne Research, Jarrow Formulas, Allergy Research, Archturus, Natural Health Practice, Nutri, AOR and Higher Nature. Please click here for contact details etc.

On the High Street, best choices include Biocare, Quest, Viridian and Solgar.

Remember, there is no substitute for a healthy diet. And it is always best to talk to a nutritionist or your GP before taking anything.

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