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Biochemical Tests


At Purehealth, we can arrange a number of biochemical tests to get an insight into how your body is working. This could be anything from testing to see if you have a candida problem, if your liver is detoxifying chemicals effectively, whether you’re in tip top condition to start trying for a baby or to see why you might be losing your hair, feel fatigued etc or simply to check your wellbeing.

We use only the best labs in the UK, Germany and the US. Test kits are sent direct to patients to complete with either blood, saliva, stool or urine samples and returned to the relevant lab in the special packaging provided. Results are usually sent direct to the clinic for analysis within 7-10 days. Please note for blood tests, you will need to have the blood taken at a local phlebotomy service either at your local GP surgery, hospital or local private Bupa or Nuffield centre. See Links for how to contact your local hospital.

Note: for local patients, the Nuffield Warwickshire in Leamington Spa has a phlebotomy service for which there is a small charge, weekdays 9am-5pm, no appointment needed. 

We then contact you with your results and you can see your local nutritionist or GP, request a report with analysis and recommendations from us by email or book a phone or face to face appointment to discuss them.

Click here to view and purchase our tests. Contact me if you need help with which tests might be best for you.


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