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Organic Skin & Body Care

Many of the skin, hair and body care items available to us are toxic, containing some quite worrying chemicals.

At Purehealth, we encourage patients and everyone to swop normal everyday items as they run out to non-toxic, organic versions. This is not as easy as it sounds, as there are very few ranges that are truly non-toxic. Many have pretty pictures of plants on the label and natural sounding names; some will even have some quite useful natural extracts in them. However, most of them are spoilt by the inclusion of preservatives such as parabens, TEA, mineral oil etc to name and shame just a few - and other much more toxic compounds.


Hereís a list of chemicals in toiletries you really should avoid.

Toiletries - What Chemicals To Avoid



We recommend you buy these ranges as they are all non-toxic and, as close to 100% organic as you can get, are effective, smell gorgeous and excellent value for money


Weleda - biodynamically grown, fantastic value every day products, I particularly rate their almond face range, skinfood, foot balm, shower gels, baby calendula range and aknedoron homeopathic products for spots and acne.

Annemarie Borlind, the leading European non-toxic range used by supermodels etc, the alternative to expensive department store products. My favourites are the LL Regeneration skincare for over 30s, ZZ Sensitive skin range, the Combination skin range, 24 hour Q10 wrinkle cream, the Body Lind body balm, shower gel and body spray, the Body Effect scrub, firming cream and cellulite gel which works a treat, orange blossom energiser facial oil, the sun lip balm and eye wrinkle cream. They also do a fabulous mineral make up range and a superb Ceramide shampoo and conditioner.

NHR - the purest aromatherapy face and body lotions anywhere and their rose and lavender soaps are gorgeous. The best aromatherapy oils I have come across too. Plus lovely thick shampoos and conditioners.

Green People - I love their organic base no-smell pure range for very sensitive skin with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, the menís range, the sun creams and self tan and the aloe roll on deodorant.

Other general favourites include faith in nature aloe soap, tomís of maine stick deodorant, higher natureís aloe vera triple strength gel (for eczema) and V gel (for menopausal dryness) and aloe dent CoQ10 toothpaste for poorly gums.

Natural Health Practice have started a whole range of non-toxic toiletries I think are fab.

You can buy Weleda and Natural Health Practice items from Natural Dispensary or most items through Nutricentre (use my code ZZPUR001 when ordering by phone from Nutricentre if youíve found this info useful - I get a small amount of commission which pays for this website, thank you!)  



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