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Purehealth is run by naturopathic nutritionist and natural health consultant Michaela Rose who has over 20 years experience in natural medicine.

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If you need help with a health issue, you can either email or call me for a quick response or book in for a consultation. Please read about nutritional therapy consultations in the Services A-Z for more info. All new patients are welcome to book a free initial 10 minute face to face, email or phone consultation. To book or pay for consultations online, please click here.

Tests & Reports

We use experience to get to the bottom of most things, but sometimes it is best to have a test done to get an idea of exactly what’s going on. We do many gut screens, candida, detox, thyroid and adrenal tests for example, and can organise most things you need. Your results come back to you within 10 days normally and then you can have a follow-up report with recommendations, see us or a local therapist with your results. For more info, check out the section on Tests, click here to read a short description of each test, get prices or purchase tests, or contact me direct for more help.

Free Newsletter and Searchable Blog

Don’t forget to have a read through and sign up for the blog where you can search all newsletter items and leave comments. Or simply send me an email to be added to the monthly newsletter list. The newsletter comes out every month and is full of Purehealth news, recipes, research and comment. It is also placed on the blog, so simply subscribe to the blog at Wordpress (see the link at the top right of this page) and enjoy...we have over 800 subscribers already.

Ebooks and Online Info

As fast as we can, we are writing up some of the vast amount of natural health knowledge we have in our brains - hopefully before we lose our marbles! We have already launched several factsheets and ebooks which you can now download easily from the Purehealth Shop here. Titles include How To Eat Well, Ten Minute Mind & Body Exercise and Lose Your Belly Fat.

We are developing some online courses too that you can do at home. Sign up to the newsletter so we can let you know as soon as they launch.

Ask Micki

If you can’t find what you need on this site or aren’t sure which way to go, please don’t sit and worry - simply contact me for advice. If we can’t help, we’ll normally know someone or something that can! 

Workshops, Seminars

You can ask us to teach a workshop or seminar for you, your employees, at a charity event etc (we have special charity rates), or if you fancy more personal help, look at our personal nutrition service - a bit like having a personal trainer but this is diet and lifestyle fitness!

Call 01926 419220 or email if you would like advice, to make an appointment or book a workshop. We look forward to helping you. 



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